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Rigid Folio

We use anti-block, silicone coating and anti-fog materials in our food and non-food packaging, which we produce with special formula options for thermoforming and FFS machines, and offer special recycled products with high transparency.


Polyethylene terephthalate, often abbreviated as PET, is the most common thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family. It is mostly used in thermoforming or FFS applications in food and non-food packaging. For example: Plastic PET cups, plastic PET trays, Plastic PET containers, food containers, Plastic PET bottles, PET foils, PET sheets.

Our PET Sheet Options We Offer for You:

  • PET Foil
  • PET PE Laminated Foil (PET/PE)
  • PET EVOH PE Laminated Foil (PET/EVOH/PE)
  • PET Antifog Foil
  • PET Metallized Foil

Antifog PET: This additive, also called “Anti-mist”, designed to eliminate the mist or water vapor in the plastic containers and plastic trays, is used in our PET Antifog sheets that we produce with high transparency and allows the consumer to see the product in the thermoformed tray clearly .

PVC Foil

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is an important thermoplastic material used in a wide variety of applications and products. PVC sheet is used in a wide area from PVC blister packaging to PVC medicine boxes, from roofing membranes to credit cards, from children’s toys to food packaging.

Our PVC Sheet Options We Offer for You:

  • PVC Foil
  • PVC PE Laminated Foil (PVC/PE)
  • PVC EVOH PE Laminated Foil (PVC/EVOH/PE)
  • PVC Metallized Foil

PP Foil

Polypropylene (after polyethylene) is the second most widely produced thermoplastic polymer and is often used in packaging and labelling. PP is the lowest density commodity plastic. PP sheets used in the production of drinking cups, cutlery and food containers offer packaging options suitable for microwaves.

Our PP Sheet Options We Offer for You:

  • PP Foil
  • PP PE Laminated Foil (PP/PE)
  • PP EVOH PE Laminated Foil (PP/EVOH/PE)

PS Foil

Polystyrene is a hard and rather brittle material that is a clear color and is usually colored with white masterbatch. PS is one of the most widely used plastics. Usage areas include protective packaging, white goods, PS food containers, PS bottles, PS trays, PS cups, disposable cutlery, yoghurt containers, ayran cups and breakfast packaging. PS Sheet Options We Offer for You:
  • PS Foil
  • PS PE Laminated Foil (PS/PE)
  • PS EVOH PE Laminated Foil (PS/EVOH/PE)

Barrier Foil

Market demands in the food industry are changing day by day. The main reason for the change is to consume healthy foods with quality products.

In terms of freshness, food safety, long shelf life and lightweight packaging materials, barrier foil is the best packaging solution.

MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) technology has provided a rapid change in user expectations and demands.

Thanks to the filling method of MAP technology, in which different gas mixtures are used, the shelf life of foods is extended.

In terms of oxygen barrier, EVOH used in barrier sheets is one of the best and healthiest applications compared to other polymers. EVOH is an important barrier to oxygen as well as odors, flavors, vitamins and organic solvents.

Usage Area: Meat, chicken, fish and delicatessen products, olive packaging, pet food packaging, coffee products, sauce containers, phyllo, cooked pasta and rice packaging, fresh fruit and vegetable packaging, ready food and cooked food packaging, etc.

Our Barrier Plate Options We Offer for You: